Top memories for Class of ’17


Amanda Thomas, Staff Writer

With the 2016-17 school year coming to a close, the seniors’ time at NDP is quickly coming to a close, and they get ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives. Here is a look back on the memories of the Class of 2017’s four years at NDP.

Homecoming, Prom and Neon Dance Parties

Juniors and seniors dance at the 2017 prom.

Homecoming and prom are considered to be integral parts of the high school experience. The homecoming themes were Candyland in 2013, Swinging at the Ritz in 2014, Renaissance Festival and a winter-themed semi-formal in 2015 and Haunted Homecoming in 2016. Homecoming week also brought with it dress up days and annual freshman versus sophomore and junior versus senior powderpuff games. The prom theme was “An Empire State of Mind” in 2016 and “A Tale as Old as Time” in 2017. The Neon Dance Party, a less formal event, is a favorite among all students including graduating seniors. Senior Kiley Nelson said, “The neon dance party is my favorite dance of the year. It’s simple and a guaranteed fun time with your friends. I love seeing everyone dressed up [at homecoming and prom].” She added, “With planning homecoming this year, I got to be behind the scenes, which made the night more meaningful.”

First Game at Bemis Field
After our home football games being at Scottsdale Community College and other home sporting events being on the grass field, NDP athletics got a new home field, giving home field advantage a new meaning for the Saints. The first football game on Bemis Field was on September 25, 2015. Senior Cassidy Mannier said, “I still have my towel that they gave out at the game. I was such a fun time.”

Winning state championships

The girl’s swim and dive team celebrates after winning the 2016 division II state championships.

Over the past four years, the Saints have brought home seven state championship trophies. NDP won the state championship in girl’s golf in 2014, girl’s swim and dive, girl’s volleyball, and girl’s soccer in 2015, girl’s soccer, girl’s tennis, girl’s pom in 2016 and boy’s lacrosse in 2017. Senior and varsity swimmer Caroline Strolic said, “[The day we won states] was the happiest day of my life.”

Football beating DM
After a disappointing loss to the Desert Mountain Wolves in 2013, the Saints came out on top in 2016. They pulled off a 56-42 victory over the opposing DM Wolves. Senior member of the football team Erick Muro said, “It was the best moment of my NDP football career. We saw our hard work and determination pay off.”


Cassidy Mannier, Deacon Carbone, Ashley Baccaro, Will Hackbarth, Tyler Cranston, Josh Babu, Caitlin Beers, Cooper Alofs, Sam Barret and Ms. Melnychenko enjoy their time on Kairos 15.

Many wonder what exactly goes on during this four day retreat centered around a series of talks and small group discussions designed to help you learn more about yourself, God and others. Students come back exhausted, changed by this wonderful experience. Senior Sam Barrett who has attended Kairos as both a candidate and a rector said, “We learn to be a group of Christians living a Christian life. We take the first step to realizing God is always there for us, and Kairos is recognizing us. Kairos is the tool that helps us break free from the chains holding us back.”

“GH” and “HG” weeks
A common questions many of us asked freshman year was if it was a “GH” or an “HG” week, as the last two periods of the day switched. This was a a time before seniors were allowed to take an H period off. Alyssa Williams, a senior, said fondly, “It was basically the most confusing thing ever. All you heard was if it was ‘GH’ or ‘HG’ and there was panic when none of your friends knew.”

Fashion Show

Jenna Werning and Nick Groves strut their stuff on the runway.

Seniors rocked the runway in the annual auction and fashion show. The event, named “Ignite”, was on Saturday, May 6, 2017. Senior Charlie Corona said, “It was one of the most memorable nights of my life, and they were definitely right when they said that it was always one of the seniors’ favorite nights of the school year.” He added, “We all wanted to go back out on the runway because it was so fun.”
These are just major memories from the class of 2017 as whole, but the class of 2017’s time here at NDP will be remembered equally by smaller memories shared between our classmates, fellow teammates and club members and close friends.