The real senior superlatives

Class of 2016 recognized for their individuality


The Seraphim annually recognizes seniors who have stood out from their peers in unique ways. NDP students voted in each of the eight category and chose whom they believed deserve these awards.

  1. “Most likely to be a ‘Dance Mom’ ”

Julia Matuszak


Julia Matuszak has been dancing for 13 years and has danced competitively since she was 8. Matuszak has been a pommie since her sophomore year and since has become captain of the pom team and was awarded the title of MVP.

Matuszak says, “I feel very honored to have received the dance mom award, but I have definitely seen my fair share of crazy dance moms throughout my years and have an idea of what I don’t want to be.” She says she will give her future children the choice of whether or not to dance and says, “If they want to dance, I will 100% support them.” 

  1. “Most likely to be president of a frat”

Jack Zitlow


Jack Zitlow, proud creator of the Instagram caption, “You’re talking to the Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing, Wheeling dealing, Limousine riding, Jet Flying, son of a gun,” is truly deserving of this award. Zitlow will be attending ASU this fall, and although he claims he doesn’t plan on rushing, the Focus Journalism class truly hopes he reconsiders.

  1. “Most likely to be a stay at home dad”

Joseph Spanier


Joseph Spanier is always seen sporting a visor and casual attire, thus hinting that if he is not a dad already, he is sure to raise several loving children in the future. Spanier is usually seen at the grill, and we are all sure he would grill up some delicious burgers. If he isn’t grilling, expect him to be critiquing other peer’s grilling, just as dads do.

  1. “Most likely to be on Broadway”

Hale Stewart


Hale Stewart is a talented and charismatic individual who is planning on studying theatre at Northwestern University in Chicago in the fall. Stewart’s talents have flourished during his high school career as he participated in many of NDP’s productions, including in the leading role of this year’s musical “Big Fish.” Stewart says, “Wow, I am deeply humbled and honored by Focus’s consideration for this prestigious award. I would like to thank all of my fans. Follow me on twitter @7thcircleofhale.”

  1. “Most likely to be in the FBI”

Jack Stearns


Jack Stearns is an intelligent and reserved NDP senior who many students believe would be a great secret agent in the FBI. Jack plans to attend University of Arizona to study medicine, so he does not plan on having a career in criminal investigation. Surprisingly, Stearns says he would not take a job working in the FBI if it were offered to him. However, his sly facade and ability to be “low key” makes him a great candidate to be a secret agent.

  1. “Most likely to survive the Hunger Games

Meredith Reinhardt


Meredith Reinhardt, a University of Arizona soccer commit, is known for her tenacity on and off of the field. Reinhardt has lead the girls’ soccer team to two consecutive state championships as their goalie. As well, she has put many hours into competing with her club soccer team. Ironically, Reinhard has never seen any of the Hunger Games movies. However, she is aware of the general plot of the movies and says, “I definitely think I could survive because I can use my intellect and physical abilities to get through it.”

  1. “Best ‘Glow Up’ (Transformation from Freshman Year)

Connor McLane

FullSizeRender 20IMG_3938

If you saw pictures of Connor four years ago, you wouldn’t even recognize this 5’11” tall senior. From absolute baby to 18-year-old man, Connor is sure to receive several double takes a day, especially from his peers who saw how hard puberty hit him. Literally so hard. Like imagine a metaphorical semi truck traveling at 150 mph slam into Connor McLane. That’s how hard puberty hit him. We love you, Connor

  1. “Best life of the party”

Nate Pierce


Nate Pierce is a dynamic member of the senior class who was named “most patriotic” by NDP’s yearbook staff. Pierce is well known for his high energy antics and unfiltered enthusiasm. He was ecstatic he won and says, “I think I won because I’m super charming and good looking and the funniest kid anyone’s ever met.” He adds, “My personality is irresistible, and I’m a phenomenal dancer.”