iPhone 6S: Is it worth the upgrade?

Allison Yeomans, Staff Writer

The new iPhone 6S, shown above in rose gold.
The new iPhone 6S is shown above in rose gold.

With Apple’s release of the highly anticipated iPhone 6S, containing a myriad of new features, the question is, however, whether it is really worth the upgrade.

Like all previous iPhone releases, the “S” models contain hardware and software updates. Some of the new features include 3D Touch, an improved camera, a faster processor and a rose gold-colored iPhone choice.

With 3D touch, one can preview content without having to open it, all with the pressure from one finger.  Keiki Nakib, a senior who recently upgraded to the 6S, uses 3D touch with many of her apps, including mail.  “With Mail, I can hold down on the app icon and preview any new emails without even opening the app,” she said.

Arguably the most notable improvement is the new additions to the camera. Both the camera and video have been upgraded and take live photos. Live photos allow one to relive a moment by capturing the seconds both before and after the picture was taken. Sydelle Steinberg, a freshman who has the iPhone 6S, describes the live photo as being “similar to a GIF.”

Also, the camera includes an upgraded image sensor and can capture 12MP photos. The ability to take 4K video allows users to take cinema-quality video at a resolution four times higher than HD video.

The processor has been upgraded to the A9 chip, which Apple describes as “the most advanced chip ever in a smartphone.” The A9 chip can be as powerful as many computers, allowing for better performance and the ability to seamlessly play graphically intense games and app.

The introduction of the rose gold color is the first addition to the color lineup since the release of the iPhone 5S in 2013. While the color is considered gold, many describe it as a pink color.

The iPhone 6S starts at $199.99 or $299.99 for the iPhone 6S Plus with a two-year contract on most major carriers. It is also available to purchase without a contract starting at $649 or $749 for the 6S Plus. 

With all these new features, it can be quite tempting to upgrade to the new iPhone. If you are eligible for an upgrade, the iPhone 6S is a great option. If you are upgrading from an iPhone 5S or earlier, it will be a substantial upgrade with its larger screen, better camera and increased speed.  

Deacon Carmene Carbone, Technology Department chair, describes the iPhone 6S as “having a lot of new bells and whistles, but no new necessities.” He recently upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus due to the larger screen but said he does not see the need to upgrade to the 6S.

So, if you currently have an iPhone 6, it might be worth it to wait until the iPhone 7, which will be released next fall. Based on Apple’s history of introducing a new line of iPhones, it will contain an upgraded design, features and processor.