11 misconceptions about NDP


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By Briana Latter

Many people who do not go to NDP have some misconceptions about what actually goes on here. Here are 11 of the myths, uncovered!

11. None of the students have jobs

About 38 percent of NDP students have jobs, according to a poll that was taken last week. This is actually higher than the national average for high school students’ holding jobs, which is 32 percent.

10. None of the students have tuition assistance

According to Paul Rubsam, NDP director of finance, 25 percent of students receive tuition assistance.

9. NDP spends all its money on humdingers

Although humdingers are expensive, they do help the administration and faculty get around. Some students joke that the tuition goes to the humdingers, but this isn’t true.

8. Everyone who goes to NDP plays a sport

According to athletic director Monica Barrett, 73 percent of students played a sport this year. A much higher percentage of students is involved in something on campus, whether it is a club, a sport or another activity.

7. If you don’t tuck your shirt in, you get kicked out

Getting kicked out of NDP is not that simple! Although leaving your shirt un-tucked can result in detention, it will not get you kicked out of the school.

6. The uniforms are uncomfortable and ugly

The uniforms are actually not as bad as people think. They are much more fashionable than many uniforms you might see around. Lots of students say they like wearing uniforms because they don’t have to decide what to wear every day.

5. Everyone is Catholic

According to campus minister Sister Yolanda Mendoza, 70 percent of students are Catholic, while the other 30 percent are non-Catholic. NDP welcomes students of all faiths.

4. We have Mass every week

We have mandatory Mass once a month, but there is Mass in the chapel every morning. Students who would like to attend Mass more than once a month have the opportunity to do so.

3. Everyone gets drug tested every day

Drug testing is random–although it can be for cause. Some students get tested several times per year, while some only get tested once or twice. Since not many local high schools drug test students, some people think it is strange and that it happens every day.

2. Every student lives in a mansion

NDP students come from all parts of the Valley, and most do not live in mansions. Although many people think all NDP students are from Scottsdale, that is a myth.

1. Everyone at NDP drives a BMW

Although some students drive BMWs, most students do not. In fact, not all students get cars when they turn 16, which is another misconception. Of the 330 students who have parking passes, 22 drive BMWs, according to school parking permit records.