Top 11 popular brands on campus

Top 11 popular brands on campus

By Dany Teran

Even with the required school uniform, popular name brands can be spotted when walking around the NDP campus.  Students and teachers say they like these products because they are stylish, comfortable, fashionable and/or taste good.

Here’s a look at 11 of the most popular brands seen around campus.

Vans Shoes

11. Vans- Vans was a popular shoe brand about three years ago, but they are still seen on campus today. They come in many designs and colors and are famous for their waffle tread. 

ray bans

10. Ray-Bans- The Arizona sunshine can be blinding, which is why Ray-Ban sunglasses are the number 10 item on the list. Among the most popular Ray-Ban models are Wayfarers and  Clubmasters.


9. Jansport- Jansport is a backpack company, probably one of the most popular backpack brand on campus. Jansport comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Converse 2

8. Converse- Converse is a shoe brand that has gained popularity over the years at NDP. Senior Bobbi Whisler said she likes Converse because “They match with everything.”


7. BMW 3 series- The 3 series model from BMW is one of the most popular cars in the student parking lot. More information can be found  in Grant Gasser’s article on the topic.


6. HB Wellness- HB Wellness is a smoothie bar that serves its own original creations with plant-based protein. Some flavors include oatmeal cookie, brownie batter, banana bread and snickerdoodle. HB also includes teas with its shakes. The tea choices include passion, raspberry or peach.

starbucks cup

5. Starbucks- Starbucks is a popular stop for students on their way to school. Most people get some variation of a frappucino or an iced/hot latte, depending on the season. Students and teachers get Starbucks to kick-start their day and to prepare themselves for the events that lie ahead.

AJs cup

4. AJ’s is another popular stop for students and teachers on their way to school or after school. Located in the same plaza as Starbucks, some people even go to both in one day. The iced tea at AJ’s seems to be a crowd favorite at NDP.

gear your kids up for camp

3. Nike- Nike is one of the most popular clothing brands in the world, so it is not surprise that it is well represented on campus. The most common Nike items are the crew socks and shoes. Some school jackets and athletic uniforms are also made by Nike.

Apple's newest products

2. Apple- Ever since NDP became a “bring your own device” school, Apple has become one of the most popular companies seen on campus. Not only do most students have iPhones, but iPads and MacBooks are also abundant, especially because all freshmen and sophomores are required to purchase iPads.


1. Dennis- Dennis is the uniform clothing company that makes all of the uniforms worn by Saints, so obviously it is the most represented brand on campus. They make the boys’ khaki shorts, the girls’ skirts, all of the polos and both boys’ and girls’ Mass uniforms.