Is prom overrated?


By Dani Cuellar

The last dance has been danced, the bouquets have wilted, and “A Notorious Night in Black and White” Prom on  April 11 is now only a memory for NDP’s seniors and juniors.

Is this supposedly memorable night overrated?

In a survey of more than 50 NDP upperclassmen, 50 percent of them classified prom as “overrated.”

Among responses, those who said prom was overrated said it was too much “effort,” “money” and “time” for a three-hour celebration.

On the other hand, those in favor of Prom repeatedly stated that the dance was “fun,” “traditional” and “something everyone should experience.”

The poll showed that on average girls spend about $800 for Prom, compared to the average of $400 that the boys spend, taking into account money for the dress, hair, make-up, tickets and transportation. High-neck dresses was one of the popular prom dress choices this year.

Prom Committee member Cara Thompson, who worked on the ticketing sub-committee, said the committee reduced the price of the tickets “dramatically” this year. Thompson said she managed to give tickets a set price of $80 by being more diligent in their fundraisers and prom-sponsored events. To see who else worked behind the scenes, click here.

Yet, even though students had to pay less for tickets, Prom still consumed a lot of their time. Girls said that on average they spent about 10 hours getting ready for the event while boys spent an average of three hours.

The poll showed that 78 percent of students planned to attend prom with a date, while 14 percent were going alone, and 8 percent planned not to attend.

Prom Committee member Rose Hepner, who oversaw the music played at the dance, said that she feels that Prom is not overrated.

Hepner said, “An extensive amount of time has been put into Prom. The effort spent outside of meeting times has been plentiful, but at the end of the day, Prom is much more than just a dance. ”

Prom committee chair Avery Cartwright said it took a team of about 25 students to organize the venue, the ticketing, the music and the activities for the night.

Cartwright said, “Prom is a high school tradition, something we are supposed to remember for the rest of our lives.”

Last year’s prom princess, Ellie Walker, assured that prom is “definitely unforgettable.” Her prom prince, Davis Bocks, said, “Prom was an absolute blast!”

Walker said, “Prom is a night of dancing and friends. It is so fun to find your dress and do your make-up! No one will regret going, and it definitely pays off!”

Apart from the entertainment aspect of the dance, Hepner said, “Prom is an event to help encourage interaction among peers in a formal setting, which helps an individual learn how to fit a particular theme and dress accordingly, also, how to conduct oneself in an appropriate manner.”

So, is Prom worth every penny spent?

“It certainty is,” Bocks said, “I would do it all again. Prom is one of the best experiences high school has given me.”