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Juniors are Powder Puff champs

Andrew Sodhi, Danny Doherty and Danielle Drake

October 3, 2019

NDP girls played Powder Puff football on Bemis Field in honor of homecoming tradition on Tuesday, September 24th.  Sophomores took the win against the freshmen with a score of 19-13, and the sophomore/junior team won against the seniors with a score of 20-25.  The sophomores won against th...

Homecoming change generates excitement

Danielle Drake

September 27, 2019

A wave of new changes arrive upon NDP students for this year’s Homecoming Dance on Sept. 28, bringing about excitement and joy to all attending the dance. Last week, Dean Dragonetti and Dean White shed light onto the new rules in ...

Summer changes

June 14, 2019

With summer school underway and fewer students on campus, the Operations Department is busy making improvements around campus. These include overseeing the painting of the outdoor tables by a teen crew organized by junior Jacob...

5 ways NDP students de-stress

Sabrina Arevalo, Staff Writer

November 30, 2018

Students at NDP are constantly working to balance school work, extracurricular activities, social lives, and hobbies. According to a poll done by The Seraphim, students are involved on average in two to three extracurricular activities. Today’...

Capstone: NDP journey from Grade 9 to Grade 12

Ansel Averitte, Special to The Seraphim

April 20, 2018

12 is so much better than 9 By Ansel Averitte 12 or 9?   9 or 12? 9 is not as good as 12! 12 is soooooooo much better than 9!!!!   Gotta get this out, what is my head and what is in my HEART, Oh man where to ...

Capstone project: an original poem

By Samantha Shank '18, Special to The Seraphim

April 19, 2018

HEY, SUNSHINE By Samantha Shank, Class of 2018 Hey, Sunshine That shy girl sitting alone in the corner I see you hiding I know why you’re hiding And I understand your reasons for hiding No matter how much...

Curtains rises at NDP

By Erin Nemivant, Special to The Seraphim

March 6, 2018

SCOTTSDALE — Since the favorable and crowd-pleasing musical, Sound of Music, in 2017, the Notre Dame Prep community is anxious for what the 2018 play, Curtains, has to offer. This is the first time operating under the busy wo...

Senior Sean Lillis shared some insights on his KINO experience (John Byrne/The Seraphim)

Student life: On the border

December 14, 2017

Voice of the Notre Dame Prep Saints