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Kino Border Initiative aids struggling migrants

Jarod Bogsinske and Sam Montano

October 3, 2019

     The Kino Border Initiative is “a program that takes teenagers to Nogales, Mexico to show them what life is like for people on the [US/Mexico] border,” NDP senior Kendra Niderost, co-president of the Kino club, said.        “Kino is an American Jesuit organizat...

How to participate in spirit weeks

Dylan O'Hara and Sophie O'Shei, Staff Writers

October 3, 2019

As Homecoming Week comes to a close, students and faculty are looking forward to the rest of NDP’s 2019-2020 spirit weeks. From daily dress-up themes to sports events, spirit weeks offer a unique opportunity to get involved. Th...

Derek Elsholz: Student athlete

September 27, 2019

     As a student athlete for Notre Dame Preparatory, Derek Elsholz has many responsibilities on and off the field that have helped him to transform his life in a positive manner.         This year, Elsholz has plenty of pressure as the starting quarterback of NDP to live up to...

Above: Technology teacher Kyle Diemer helps students in his Innovation and Design Based Thinking class, a new addition to the freshman curriculum at NDP. 
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Five future careers in STEM

September 27, 2019

NDP welcomes new faculty and staff

Staff Reports

September 16, 2019

Notre Dame Preparatory is welcoming seventeen new staff and faculty members this year to ensure the thriving learning environment of students.  These new additions include two English teachers, three history teachers, four t...

9 changes since Class of ’19’s frosh year

Lacey Robertson, Staff Writer

December 11, 2018

The Class of 2019 likely has seen more changes during its four years here than any other graduating class. As the first semester of senior year draws to a close, we are able to look back at all the changes we have experienced ...

Curtains rises at NDP

By Erin Nemivant, Special to The Seraphim

March 6, 2018

SCOTTSDALE — Since the favorable and crowd-pleasing musical, Sound of Music, in 2017, the Notre Dame Prep community is anxious for what the 2018 play, Curtains, has to offer. This is the first time operating under the busy wo...

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