The Seraphim

Fr. Parks here two days a week this year

By Maddie Stevens

May 5, 2011

Campus Chaplain Fr. John Parks is on campus two days this  year instead of one. Not only will he say the monthly student Mass, but he now says Mass at 7:05 a.m. every Tuesday and Friday in the Chapel. Last year he was on...

Communion breakfasts put focus on family

By Jordan White

March 1, 2011

This year, Notre Dame has had two communion breakfasts and a Grandparents' Day celebration in an effort to bring families together on the NDP campus. Seniors brought their grandparents to school for Grandparents' Day on...

John Paul II is on his way to beating out Mother Teresa for fastest person to become a saint

By Jordan White

February 25, 2011

The Vatican has announced that Pope John Paul II will be beatified May 1, 2011. He died in 2005; his funeral had more t han 3 million people in attendance who all shouted “Sainthood.” The steps to becoming a saint are more...

Fr. Parks uses humor to spread word

By Maddie Stevens

January 4, 2011

    Father John Parks brings a young, lively approach to his new position as campus chaplain. An undergraduate theater major that frequents coffee shops, he mixes humor with the word of Christ.    He replaces Fr. Michael Goodyea...

‘A Whole New World’ replaces ADL’s ‘World of Difference’

By Jordan White

October 21, 2010

ADL workshops are no longer presented to the freshman class this year.  "A Whole New World" is the new program that replaces ADL's "A World of Difference" at NDP.  The school is no longer affiliated with ADL - the national...

Theology Department revises curriculum

By Jordan White

September 12, 2010

NDP is ahead of most Catholic schools in revising theology curriculum in accordance with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, according to Mrs. Barbara Stanley, department chair.  The USCCB has a curriculum it wants Catholi...

New Christian Service form includes ESLR questions

By Maddie Stevens

September 3, 2010

Sister Yolanda Mendoza is introducing a new Christian Service form for the 2010-2011 school year. This form is similar to the old one, but it has questions that relate to the ESLRs. NDP's campus minister said that students mu...

Pope names new auxiliary bishop

By David Wynne

May 18, 2010

   Pope Benedict XVI appointed Rev. Eduardo Alanis Nevares to be the first Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix on Monday, May 11.    Nevares, age 56, was born in San Antonio, Texas. He was ordained to priesthood...

CDA appeal raises $1,300

By Jordan White

May 6, 2010

  The Social Studies defeated Theology in the two department's competition to collect money for the “Chapel for Change,” a school-wide collection to raise money for the diocesan Charity and Development Appeal.    ...

Stations of the Cross concludes campus Lenten journey

By Taylor Petersen

March 25, 2010

  NDP Saints' culiminated Lenten activity with the Stations of the Cross on Wednesday, March 31, before a five-day recess to celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 4.       The 40 days prior to this holy day are what Christians...

Senior retreat: ‘It felt like we were all family’

By Jordan White

March 16, 2010

   “Faith, Hope and Love” was the theme of the 2010 senior retreat,  an overnighter on two different dates at Lake Pleasant Desert Outdoor Center, Feb. 28-March 1 and March 7-8.    With half of the seniors attending...

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