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Curtains rises at NDP

By Erin Nemivant, Special to The Seraphim

March 6, 2018

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SCOTTSDALE — Since the favorable and crowd-pleasing musical, Sound of Music, in 2017, the Notre Dame Prep community is anxious for what the 2018 play, Curtains, has to offer. This is the first time operating under the busy wo...

Student life: On the border

Student life: On the border

December 14, 2017

NDP’s Music Man

NDP’s Music Man

December 4, 2017

State champion profile: Ansel Averitte

By Kaden Macor, Staff Writer

December 1, 2017

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Speeding through the water, with his hair braided and legs shaved, Ansel Averitte hit the wall with one last push, looking right and left to see he’s the first to touch. All the hard work and dedicated practices finally paid off for the Notre Dame...

Choirs sing loud and proud

Choirs sing loud and proud

November 16, 2017

Voice of the Notre Dame Prep Saints