The Seraphim

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a crane fly!

By Liz Crowell

April 25, 2010

  It’s that time of year again, the time when those annoying mayflies, mosquito eaters, mosquito hawks or crane flies - depending on your favorite moniker for them - come out with a vengeance.     During the spring season,...

Prom: sobriety, long dresses required to enter

By Tyler Daswick

April 1, 2010

   When students arrive at the SoHo ballroom at Hotel Valley Ho for this year’s prom, they will be greeted by Dean David Harris with a breathalyzer test and a ruler, because Administration has initiated some changes to the...

Spring break: time of relaxation mixed with reading

By Liz Crowell

March 26, 2010

Spring break - generally perceived as a time of relaxation, recuperation  and vacation - isn't an escape from homework as students who traveled to a variety of tropical, adventurous, international and collegiate locations...

Technologies go head to head in popularity war

Liz Crowell

March 18, 2010

Technology as society knows it has leapt into a new realm of sophistication in the past year and a half. Certain gadgets are the talk of the town and the latest purchases by Notre Dame’s students and faculty.    Gadgets...

Facebook: Entertainment or epidemic

By Federika Cariati

March 3, 2010

With the popularity of Facebook growing to a reported 350 million registered users worldwide, an ever-increasing number of colleges and employers are using the social networking sites to make admittance and hiring decisions. ...

Career jump starts: Teens find cool jobs

By Amy Medeiros

March 2, 2010

By Amy Medeiros    While many teens find jobs in the retail and restaurant industries during high school, three NDP students are working as an environmental bio technology research assistant, a radio talk show host, and an...

Toms: the new shoe in town

By Liz Crowell

January 28, 2010

   You see them all over campus, those canvas shoes that not only look boho chic but are also for a good cause. No not Vans, not Converse, but Toms Shoes.    The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company has gained attention in...

No thrill like a snow thrill: students seek slopes during breaks

By Brittany Franco

January 26, 2010

NDP students made their way to the slopes to enjoy snowboarding and skiing in December and January, while others who were stuck in the Valley made their own winter fun with activities such as ice blocking.    Telluride, Sunrise...

‘Paranormal’ spikes interest in spiritual world

John St. Thomas, Staff Writer

December 3, 2009

    Boom! The sound of a roaring supernatural demonic creature left Paranormal Activity movie-goers like Senior Blair Buckley screaming in their seats during the must-see movie packing cinemas this fall.   So, what is it ab...

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