The Seraphim

Food, decorations please prom-goers

May 10, 2013

Prom is one of the most cherished and traditional high school memories for the majority of students. You get to dance the night away and look sharp while doing it! On May 4, NDP students transformed from prep kids in uniforms...

Did the Supreme Court get it wrong?

April 18, 2013

American Sheldon Adelson is the 14th richest man in the world, with a net worth of almost $25 billion. To put this number in perspective, Adelson could buy the most expensive house on the planet (a 27-story home in Mumbai) 25...

Pros and cons of cancelling Career Day

April 10, 2013

Against By Mackenzie Best Eliminating Career Day is a short changes students who truly care about their future.                                                                                 ...

Assembly schedules frustrate students, teachers

February 22, 2013

You’re in the middle of a test and are working hard when ding, ding, ding. The bell has rung, signaling the end of A period. You look at the clock. It’s only 8:13. The school is on some sort of weird schedule. Again. Barely or no notice was given regarding the change, and it wasn...

Any and every vote counts

November 5, 2012

By Kelsey Yurek   With less than 24 hours left before the nation chooses its next president, the economy is the most important issue, according to NDP seniors. In The Seraphim poll of the Class of 2013, seniors ranked t...

Year of Faith so ‘relevant to students’

October 19, 2012

By Jillian Littleton The Year of Faith was introduced Oct. 11 on the NDP campus, but also the world. Some students might be wondering about its significance. NDP Chaplain Father John Parks detailed its purpose: “The Year...

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