Christmas spirit abounds at Notre Dame Preparatory

Merry Movie Week captures Christmas spirit


NDP students and conductor Robert Gwinn, aka NDP History instructor, ride the “Polar Express” (Anna Sera/The Seraphim)

By Anna Sera, Staff Writer

All Aboard! The Polar Express has come to Notre Dame Preparatory and with it comes Christmas Spirit Week, an annual event.

For 2017, Monday, December 11, marked the start of the Christmas Spirit Week, tied to a movie theme, Merry Movie Week.

“My favorite part of the week is just getting into it, said NDP junior José Pablo Martinez-Rendon. “Everybody loves Christmas, except Grinches and some people. Getting in the spirit is just so much fun, and the holiday spirit is contagious. You can’t be a Scrooge or a jerk this time of year. It’s Christmas!”


NDP seniors Steven Schwartz II and Riley Matson show off their pajamas. (Anna Sera/The Seraphim)

Monday was “Polar Express” Day, and many students arrived in flannel pajamas, robes, and onesies. At break, students from all grades sipped hot chocolate.

NDP senior Joe Terlizzi enjoys a cup of hot chocolate (Anna Sera/The Seraphim)

At lunch Robert Gwinn, NDP History Instructor, assumed the role of the famous train conductor as he called out, “Tickets, please! Tickets!”

Tuesday was “Elf” Day. Inspired by the line, “Buddy the Elf what’s your favorite color?” students dressed in their favorite color with jeans, sweatpants, or proper NDP uniform. At break, students competed in a pasta eating challenge, and during lunch, dozens of students decorated sugar cookies.

Wednesday is inspired by the Disney film “Santa Paws”. Thursday is Frosty the Snowman themed and students can expect a miracle: snow in Scottsdale. Finally, Friday is inspired by “A Christmas Story”, but the teachers and administrators can expect that students won’t shoot their eyes out.

“It’s just magical,” Martinez-Rendon said. “The train ride was magical, the games are magical, and the activities are magical. This week just captures the Christmas spirit.”

Merry Movie Week to all and to all a good afternoon!