Making the most of the holidays

7 things to do this Christmas


Senior, Izzy Sera, is pictured with Santa outside of the COMM last year.

Skylar Brown, Staff Writer

As the holiday season rolls around once again, people find themselves lost in the hustle and bustle. With all of the distractions surrounding this season, it is good to take a break and partake in a holiday activity to bring the spirit of joy and giving to life. Big or small, some of these seven things can bring the true spirit of Christmas and a slice of the childhood magic back to you this year.



1. Playing in the snow


  • Going to visit a place that has snow during the holiday season is a top activity as winter rolls around. Being stuck in the warm desert surrounded by dirt, dust, and cacti makes the christmas spirit seem distant, but traveling north in the mountains surrounded by snow, pine trees, and cold makes the christmas spirit come to life. Because Arizona is nestled in the four corners, traveling to see snow can be a quick 2 hour drive up north.

“I always love going and playing in the snow because it’s so fun and cold and I love skiing” said Kim Gilderoy, NDP senior.



2. Ice skating


  • Ice skating is a popular winter activity that is perfect to enjoy with friends, family, or both. Arizona is sprinkled with ice skating rinks, especially around the holiday season, that offer fun events and cheap events for all. The Scottsdale Ice Den, right around the corner from school, offers $5 skate nights. They also offer fun for the whole family or with friends with christmas music, hot cocoa, lights, skaters in holiday costumes, and even (fake) snow!

“I love ice skating around the holiday season,” – Gabby Alessio, NDP senior, said.


3. Baking and cooking

  • Baking and cooking delicious holiday treats is an easy way to bring the family together, spread happiness to others, and eat something yummy too. There are a variety of traditional things to prepare around the holidays such as: gingerbread houses, cookies, hot cocoa, casseroles and more. This year, mix it up, don’t just leave milk and cookies for Santa, make something for the whole family!

   “I enjoy making gingerbread cookies around the holiday and I am looking forward to having a first Christmas with my daughter, Joanna,” Mr. Coast, NDP teacher, said.


4. Spreading holiday cheer to others

  • Some of the best memories from the holidays are often those of bringing joy to others. It is true to the Christmas spirit to be filled with happiness when giving rather than receiving gifts. It is not the size or the quantity of the gift that matters, but rather, the amount of heart and thought that went into the gift that is truly special. This year, rather than writing out a long list of wants, write out a long list of ideas of gifts to give or things to do for others.


    “I always wake up in the middle of the night to drink milk and eat cookies so my little sister still believes in Santa.” – Sebastian Beller, NDP senior


5. Spending time with family

  • The holidays are centered around family and the joy that they bring in our lives. It is easy, especially during the chaos of the holidays and finals, to take those around us that we love and care about for granted. That is why it is so important to be in present when we do spend time with loved ones during the winter break. The love felt with family is the best way to bring the magic and spirit of Christmas to life.

          “ I love wearing my Santa Slippers and spending time with family around the holidays,” said Lauren Schillig, NDP senior.


6. Listening to Christmas music

  • As soon as Thanksgiving passes the Christmas music is turned up. For many, Christmas music is a sure way to make the holidays seem closer and more festive no matter where you live. If the holidays were a big present, Christmas music would be the big red bow to tie it all together. Any Christmas activity, tradition, or trip seems incomplete without a Christmas playlist to follow. Christmas songs seem to be everywhere around the holidays from your local grocery store to your place of worship. This holiday be sure to create a Christmas playlist that is destined to make everyone want to bust out their best ugly christmas sweater, bring out their hot cocoa, and want to go out caroling!

    Senior, Azrin Avertte, is seen in her festive Christmas sweater.

“I really like the Christmas music because the music really just brightens up the holiday season and allows the Christmas spirit to become lively. It also helps you enjoy the time of the year and it brings you closer with your family and friends,” Azrin Avertte, NDP senior, said.


7. Watching Christmas movies and annual holiday specials

  • Christmas movies and annual holiday specials on tv is another way that is a must this holiday. Many TV channels air specials around the holiday. For example, ABC annually hosts the “25 Days of Christmas” an airs a different Christmas movie every night leading up to Christmas and the Hallmark channel is always sure to air a cheesy Christmas special here and there. The live broadcasted television performances are also always entertaining and often memorable, like Mariah Carey’s debacle last year. Everything from the classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life” to newer ones like “Elf” are to not only bring up the joy of Christmas, but also teaches us the meaning of Christmas and what it is all truly about.

“I love watching Christmas movies and holiday specials on TV every year. I can’t wait to see yet another failed lip sync from Mariah!” said Jacob Feverly, NDP Sophomore.