A Blast into the Past


Mr. Lamb sits in front of students’ posters of the pop culture of 2017 (Jessica Egan/The Seraphim)

Jessica Egan

If anyone were to enter room 507, he or she might think they travelled back in time. With the Beatles songs playing and videos of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination covering every screen, students discuss possible conspiracy theories surrounding his death, along with the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Martin Luther King Jr. Unfortuatley, time travel does not exist but Mr. Lamb is pretty close. In his Evolution of Popular Culture Class, he has brought the past to Notre Dame Preparatory. Besides listening to the music of past decades, students learn about significant events throughout history that shaped pop culture today. From the 50’s to modern times, Mr. Lamb teaches everything from the presidents of the time to influential movements that changed America.

“The best part of the class is that we get to learn about something that is not normally learned about in school,” excitedly responds junior Jose Martinez-Rendon.

Even Marty McFly would feel right at home here.