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Cutest corner of Scottsdale: Chloe’s Corner

By Katie Bussoletti and Megan Rakers, Staff Writers

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When it comes to restaurants, finding a place thats affordable, delicious, and adorable isn’t easy. But we have found the answer: Chloe’s Corner.

“It’s the cutest place in the entire world. Well, maybe not the entire world, but it’s pretty lovely. And the food is delightful,” said NDP senior Elle Haugland.

And Haugland isn’t the only NDP student who give Chloe’s Corner rave reviews. Senior Caroline Strolic said, “It’s super cute.” Her favorite thing to order is the grilled cheese or the tuna melt.

According to senior Courtney Tully, “The Corner Chop salad is bomb!”

Chloe’s Corner is a restaurant located on Kierland Boulevard in Kierland Commons, one that has become a popular lunch spot among shoppers who want a quick, inexpensive and delicious meal.

The shelves in Chloe's Corner are filled with candy, chips, tea and other assortments of goods for sale.

The shelves in Chloe’s Corner are filled with candy, chips, tea and other assortments of goods for sale. Photo by Megan Rakers.

Upon entering, the entire leftmost side of the restaurant is set up like a market, with pre-made salads, fruit and snacks. Closer to the cash register, there is a variety of bottled beverages in all colors as well as a soft drink dispenser. Across from the beverages are shelves of various food items for sale that one wouldn’t normally expect to find in a restaurant: bags of chips, tea leaves, wine and old-fashioned candy in every imaginable flavor.

The rest of the restaurant consists of space for seating. There are plenty of tables as well as booth seating along the wall–with stools at the counter. There’s patio seating out front of the restaurant as well.

We went to Chloe’s on a Wednesday afternoon and chose to sit at a table inside, because it was quiet and we wanted to take in the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Inside seating of Chloe's Corner Photo by Katie Bussoletti

Inside seating at Chloe’s Corner. Photo by Katie Bussoletti

The menu includes a variety of breakfast and lunch foods, but the restaurant is best-known for its cheap-but-quality coffee and its classic salads and sandwiches. Some of their most popular items include the Corner Chop salad, the chicken pita sandwich and the 50 cent coffee. All menu items are reasonably priced, with nothing more than $10.

In order to get a full taste for the menu, we hit every category by trying the classic grilled cheese, the tomato soup, the corn chowder, the Greek salad and the strawberry smoothie.

The grilled cheese was delicious. The bread was golden brown and crisp, without being too well-done. When the slices were pulled apart, the melted cheese stretched between them. At $5.25, the classic grilled cheese is Chloe’s Corner’s cheapest sandwich, but the low price doesn’t mean low quality.

Also worth noting: the classic grilled cheese consists of a blend of cheddar and American cheeses, but Chloe’s Corner also serves a more extravagant American grilled cheese, which includes bacon and tomato.

The grilled cheese went especially well with the tomato soup, which had a smooth flavor and came with saltine crackers. The tomato soup is served every day, but the restaurant has an additional daily soup that varies throughout the week and season.

Unfortunately, the corn chowder, the soup of the day, which was also served with saltine crackers, was definitely below average. The corn tasted as if it had come straight out of a can and the soup was pretty plain overall.

The strawberry smoothie had an awesome fruity flavor. The smooth texture and the flavor of fresh strawberries had a similar taste to NDP’s very own smoothies. The fruit smoothie – which comes in a variety of flavors including strawberry, mango and mixed berry –  was $3.75. Although slightly more expensive than a smoothie from the NDP cafeteria, the larger size and great flavor made it worth it.

The Greek salad had the perfect combination of bright colors and fresh ingredients. At $7.00, the assortment of veggies made the salad a cheap, delicious and healthy option for lunch. For an additional $1.50, chicken can be added to the salad for some extra protein – or to create a more filling meal.

Greek salad at Chole's Corner Photo by: Katie Bussoletti

Greek salad at Chole’s Corner Photo by Katie Bussoletti

Overall, we had a positive experience at Chloe’s Corner. The food was excellent, the service was good, and the atmosphere of the restaurant was casual and comfortable.

We gave this restaurant a 9 out of 10 because it was a cute, casual place with good food.

This Yelp review says it best: “This was a cute find. It’s quick, casual, and affordable.”

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Cutest corner of Scottsdale: Chloe’s Corner