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‘Big Fish’ makes a splash

Samantha Torre, Staff Writer

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Ever heard of Big Fish? Chances are you haven’t because NDP is
the first high school in Arizona to put it on. The newest NDP musical is here for one more weekend, and it will certainly be a show to remember.

In honor of its closing this weekend, here are five reasons why you need to see it before it’s gone for good.

  1. There are some extremely catchy songs (and dances). Big Fish features many “feel good” songs that inspire viewers to live life to the fullest and the importance of family. The lyrics to these songs are also meaningful, including “The ones who face their fears live the most interesting lives” (“The Witch” sung by junior Gabby Johnson) and “I don’t need a roof to say I love you” (“I Don’t Need a Roof sung by sophomore Anna Sera). And, of course, we can’t forget the opening and closing number “Be the Hero.” The title is all you need to know what that song’s about.
  2. NDP Drama doesn’t get enough credit: Late hours and constant rehearsals are common for NDP Drama players for musicals. Sadly, many are unaware of when they perform despite the advertising. NDP needs to support all activities, drama included!
  3.  It’ll make you laugh, cry, or both. There’ll moments that’ll make you chuckle. And then there are moments that might require a tissue.
  4. Allow yourself to be “whisked away” for a time: We all have some sort of stress going on. Why not sit and relax and let theatre do the rest?
  5. It’s all about the message: This musical in particular has a clear theme that is constant throughout. The quote “live life to the fullest” is always projected throughout multiple medias. But how exactly does one do this? Big Fish is the story of a man, Edward Bloom (played by senior Hale Stewart) who tries to fully experience with his wacky stories. Through his crazy
    retellings, he teaches his son (played by senior Nate Franzke) how precious and exciting life can be if we are always open. Director Bonnie Wilson added in the program: “He [Will Bloom] discovers how one person, through his ability to see the goodness in others, can touch the hearts of so many and literally become their hero.” Sometimes we complain, we worry, or we hold anger or frustration deep within our hearts. Big Fish shows viewers that a positive attitude and dedication can do miracles for
    us. We can “be the hero” in our own lives just by being present.

 has two shows this weekend:  2 and 7 p.m. Saturday, March 5. Tickets are $5.


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Voice of the Notre Dame Prep Saints
‘Big Fish’ makes a splash