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The Seraphim

2016-2017 Staff

Lizzy Smiley

Staff Writer

Lizzy Smiley is a senior at NDP and is currently involved in Varsity Girls' Basketball and plans to play Softball in the spring.  She enjoys watching Netflix, playing with her dog, and watching Netflix.  She has been involved...

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Jenna Glovsky

Staff Writer

Jenna is a senior at NDP who you might find running in circles around the track at 5:30 in the morning.  She has a lot of sisters who look nothing like her, two dogs and co-ownership of a beta fish.  Jenna participates in many...

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Amanda Thomas

Staff Writer

Amanda is a senior at NDP. She has a junior brother named Ryan who is a whole foot taller than her. At NDP, she is involved in SGA, NHS, Ambassadors and as a captain of the varsity swim team. In the rare moment she has free...

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Ryan Mendieta

Staff Writer

Ryan Mendieta is a senior at NDP. He is currently the president of Speech and Debate, a member of the Varsity Basketball and Track and Field teams  and is an ambitious leader. After spending four long years at NDP, he is ready...

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Cassidy Mannier

Staff Writer

Cassidy Mannier is a senior at Notre Dame Prep and is involved in various clubs such as NHS and PAWS. She enjoys eating hot Cheetos while watching The Office in her free time. She hopes to one day be as yogi as Sammy girl Hertle....

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Katie Bussoletti

Staff Writer

Katie Bussoletti is a Senior at NDP. She can be seen around campus at NHS meetings, ambassador meetings, and as the first and best swim team manager ever. She has two dogs, one sibling, and no athletic abilities. Her hobbies include...

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Megan Rakers

Staff Writer

Megan is a senior at NDP. She was originally born in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona at age 10. She has no siblings, but one dog that she loves more than life. She is currently involved in Drama Club and NHS....

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Sophie Rodriguez

Staff Writer

A late riser forced to rise early, Sophie Rodriguez is a hard worker, a friendly classmate, and just as tired as she looks. Spot her on campus sporting a black polo two days a week -- that is, if you can see her at all. If she...

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Ellie O'Donoghue

Staff Writer

Ellie O'Donoghue is a current NDP senior. Her hobbies include traveling the world, drinking Diet Coke, and hanging out with her friends and their dogs. Around the NDP campus, you can find her in meetings for Student Government,...

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Quinn Discerni

Staff Writer

Quinn Discerni is a senior at Notre Dame Prep. He comes all the way from Ohio, and cries regularly as a fan of all Cleveland sports. In school, Quinn is president of Medical Club and is involved in NHS and Ambassadors. He'd like...

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Sam Hertle

Staff Writer

Sam is a Senior at NDP. She has three dogs that are very important to her, two siblings, and a good attitude. Around school, you can find her at SGA Meetings, Softball practices, NHS Meetings, ambassador events, and, most importantly,...

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Antonio Wycklendt

Staff Writer

Antonio is a senior at NDP. Coming all the way from Wisconsin, he has had 11 years to adjust to the heat of AZ, but still hasn't quite managed to get over it. He is currently the acting president of Mu Alpha Theta, member of NHS,...

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Voice of the Notre Dame Prep Saints